Need credit? 3 last ditch ways to get your final unit

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Are you taking it easy this semester? (Or, at least, easy by UC Berkeley standards). Do you find yourself struggling to find one more unit to reach your unit requirement? We’ve done our research and found some one-unit, P/NP classes that require you to do little more than show up.

On the Same Page (Letters & Science 10)

Did you read “Turing’s Cathedral” over the summer? Yes? No? Well, this class requires you to:

A: Read and comment on that book, and then

B: Attend two Tuesday night meetings over the course of the semester.

If you’re in need of lower-division credit, this is just about as easy as it gets.

Colloquium in Political Science (Political Science 179)

Do you want to listen to guest speakers talk about current events? If you join this class, you will:

A: Attend a weekly lecture, which can feature notables like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and

B: Take a final exam.

If you like classes where your entire grade is based on showing up and taking one exam, this may be the perfect class for you.

Architecture Lectures Over Pizza DeCal (Architecture 98/198)

Are you interested in architecture? According to this DeCal’s description:

A: You will attend weekly lectures from architects and discuss their architecture, and

B: You are guaranteed pizza if you attend their first meeting on Sept. 18.

Whether you’re looking for that last unit of credit to be a fully enrolled student or you’re just tempted by free pizza, these are some simple ways to complete your fall schedule. If you have a favorite one-unit class, share it in the comments below.

Image source: Z. Smith Reynolds Library, under Creative Commons

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