7 GIFs that describe every club interview happening all over Berkeley right now

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It’s that time of year again! We’ve noticed many more students strutting around in business suits or — shocker! — normal clothing, all vying for spots in various on-campus organizations (including this one, #awkward). And while we totally understand the heightened tension, we can’t help but think about how crazy the situation really is.
When you first show up to FSM, we know you feel like this.
Then you realize the person interviewing you is only a sophomore…

As soon as the questions start becoming a little more complex than just your name and year, this happens…


You try to seem interested when the interviewers spends half the time talking about themselves.


And soon enough, you admit you don’t really do anything outside of classes …


But then, the interview is over …


… and we totally hope this is how you’re feeling:

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