Quiz: Which famous person attended Cal? (Part 2)

So, you’ve proven that you know your famous Golden Bears pretty well. But there are more! Not only have Cal alums ended up on the big screen, but they’ve also been exercising influence through well-established magazines and nationally beloved comic strips. Do you think you can easily pick out the famous Golden Bear? Again, we’ll give you two famous people, and you be the judge.

Round 1: Jann Simon Wenner (the founder of Rolling Stone) or Larry King (the former host of CNN’s Larry King Live)?



Answer: Jann Simon Wenner. Jann Wenner attended UC Berkeley in the late ’60s. He was actively involved in the Free Speech Movement and wrote a column called “Something’s Happening” in The Daily Californian!

Round 2: Thomas “Tom” Anderson (the co-founder of Myspace) or Sean Parker (the founder of Napster)?



Answer: Thomas “Tom” Anderson. We all know (and were probably MySpace friends with) “Tom from Myspace!” But you might not know that Tom actually studied rhetoric and English at UC Berkeley before going on to co-found the social networking site.

 Round 3: Rube Goldberg (the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist) or Stephen Hillenburg (the creator of SpongeBob)?



Answer: Rube Goldberg. Goldberg — who is famously known for his cartoons depicting complicated ways of accomplishing simple tasks — graduated from UC Berkeley in 1904.

Round 4: Scott Adams (the creator of “Dilbert”) or Jim Davis (the creator of “Garfield”)?




Answer: Scott Adams. Scott Adams earned his MBA from UC Berkeley.

Know of any other famous Berkeley alums? Feel free to comment!

Image sources: Wexner Center, Oxfam Americajdlasicateach42, Scott Monty, Still Burning and under Creative Commons 

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