RH Music’s A Night at the Greek

RH Music/Courtesy

Those familiar with Restoration Hardware probably know it more for its furnishings and décor than anything else. But lately, the chain has been dabbling in the unlikely venture of music promotion. To accomplish this, they’ve opened a new branch called RH Music, dedicated to showcasing talented up-and-coming musical acts the world over. Check out their debut event A Night at the Greek this Friday at the Greek Theater, featuring Larkin Poe, The Brixtons, and Edei. Tickets and details are available at the RH Music site.

Larkin Poe

Centered on the sisters Lovell, this ensemble has quite the impressive résumé. Within the past several years, they’ve toured as the backing band for Elvis Costello, won Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion National Teen Talent Competition, and played at venues from the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee to the O2 Arena in London. Even their name is a reference to their distant dead relative, who just so happened to be the cousin of Edgar Allen Poe. Not a note of their experience is squandered, as the Lovells and their trusty band churn out hard-hitting, swampy folk.

The Brixtons

Donna Missal was essentially raised to be a heart-melting vocal belter, singing and acting at a performance high school until her graduation into the New Jersey music scene, and drawing audible inspiration along the way from classics like Etta James. Meanwhile, Ken DePoto grew up playing guitar to the songs of the rockabilly, blues, and punk greats of his youth and prior. Suffice it to say, their union in The Brixtons is basically a match made in old-school-vibe-ridden heaven.


Considering her success in the UK, it’s really only a matter of time before Edei’s name should start appearing in households on this side of the Atlantic too. Her vocal prowess is irrefutable and has been landing her gigs since she was ten years old, by which time she was already performing at the West End Theater and making television appearances with Jay-Z. However, unlike her contemporaries such as Girls Aloud, Edei rejected offers to team up with girl groups through talent agencies to pursue fame for its own sake. Instead, she opted to remain a solo artist and produce songs on her own terms. The result blends elements of soul and pop in a mixture both organic and alluring.