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Quiz: How the UC Regents hope to raise donations from students

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

In a total Y-generation move, the UC Regents launched a fundraising effort at its Wednesday meeting to solicit donations that would go toward UC undergraduate scholarships. The fundraiser encourages students, celebrities and UC officials to use social media to raise money, fulfilling pledges in exchange for donations.  We love extra money, but some of the crazy solutions in the crowdsourcing campaign just seem a bit absurd.

So to take a look at the launch, we curated some of our favorite pledges to see whether we would actually donate to any of these crazy campaigns. Can you guess which promises were suggested by the UC Regents, which campaigns were already launched to raise money for UC Berkeley and which ideas the Clog just made up?

1. I promise to change my name to Stardust Clarice for a year.

It already launched: One Golden Bear promised to change her name to Stardust Clarice on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media for a year if she reached her goal of $2,500.

2. I promise to use Harry Potter spells on a daily basis

It was a Clog suggestion: Ok, this suggestion was just us; we’re still waiting for the day when we can “accio” our textbooks.

3.  I promise to pay six random Facebook friends’ electric bill within six months out of my own pocket after reaching my goal.

It already launched: This one is real. Let’s just hope he picks friends who turn off their lights during the day.

4. I promise to wear gold-and-blue face paint to the Cal-Stanford game this November … where I’ll be sitting with my Stanfurd-alum father in the Stanfurd alum section.

It already launched: We’re a bit nervous for this kid, but we also think it might actually happen, because his goal is only $250.

5. I promise to participate in the Naked Run during finals week

It was a Clog suggestion: We hope everyone launches this pledge in coming weeks, although the Naked Run might turn into a naked stampede.

6. I promise to adopt a pet.

It was suggested by the UC Regents: We honestly love this. Give the UC system money, benefit by getting a cat. Talk about a win-win.

7. I promise to dye my hair purple

It was suggestion by the UC Regents: We’re not sure who would give money toward this campaign, but we look forward to seeing some blue-and-gold hairstyles in the near future.

8. I will dress up in a costume every day for a month.

It was suggested by the UC Regents: Although Student Regent Cinthia Flores  is going to dress as Superman for a day, this suggestion was first announced on the UC Regents’ list.

Chloe Hunt is the blog editor. Contact her at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

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