Trigga Tweets: Bryce Treggs’ eccentric and eclectic Twitter account

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Earlier this week, Cal’s starting receiver Bryce Treggs conducted some kind of question-and-answer session for fans via Twitter. I’m a little hazy on the details, mostly because I didn’t exactly spend too much time trying to investigate. All I’m aware of is that for a while there late Thursday morning, Cal Athletics tried to get #AskBryce trending in the Twitterverse.

But Cal Athletics made a cardinal mistake, one of which I’m not sure the program isn’t aware. I’m sure it was an honest oversight, perhaps even an attempt at professionalism. Unfortunately, the fact remains that #AskBryce is the wrong hashtag to promote. Anyone in the know knows Bryce Treggs does not exist on Twitter; his proper name — nay, his only name — is Trigga.

I have no idea where the nickname Trigga comes from, but I don’t really care. The name alone has a ring that pretty much epitomizes swagger — easily the most coveted trait among elite athletes. Trigga the Twitter personality carries on the grand tradition of larger-than-life athlete characteristics — self-confident boasts, flashes of wit, tantalizing peeks into his mind.

But the best output of Trigga’s persona has to be the fact that he refers to himself in the third person on a regular basis. He’s coined such hashtags as #Triggaknows and #TeamTrigga and once stated that “Trigga ain’t worried bout nothin.” His bio states that he’s not only an athlete but also a “public figure.” He’s like the Zlatan Ibrahimovic of NCAA football.

Trigga is dedicated, too. Immediately after the Portland State game two weeks ago, he was tweeting from the locker room. He frequently uses the platform to promote his team — strike that, pictures of himself in uniform, sometimes surrounded by his teammates. The publicity headshots at the beginning of this season make up a sizable chunk of his own Twitter photo album. So do action shots and pictures of him gazing contemplatively on the sideline during games.

Ever magnanimous, Trigga also gives his fans a glimpse into his personal life, whether that’s a photo of calculus problem sets from class, an APB that quarterback Jared Goff is getting a haircut or the most recent FIFA domination on his Xbox (which he preordered, as numerous tweets proclaimed).

If I stop to think about it, it’s downright creepy that I know so much about Trigga. But then again, it’s not my fault. Trigga is simply omnipresent, and I think that’s how he likes it. Whereas I barely use my own Twitter account, for Trigga it’s just another way to get his name out. He’s following the recent influx of athletes — especially young ones — who use Twitter to create some quasi-celebrity brand. As Jim Mora told the press earlier this week, it would be wrong to shut down this particular outlet of expression.

And I love every minute of it. My friends on the football beat frequently send me links to an especially catchy Trigga tweet. Two words immediately come to mind whenever I scroll through: I can’t. As in, I can’t even. I can’t even believe that this treasure trove exists.

Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does. One second he’s tweeting about literally holding his eyelids open during lecture or something, and the next Rob Likens (an assistant coach) is chastising him for using Twitter in class. Trigga tells a fan he’s faster than Harper, and the latter calls him ignorant before seeming to promise a race once they’re both healthy.

Trigga has even taken it upon himself to pimp out Goff this year, both as a Heisman candidate and as a ladies’ man.

This stuff is gold. I honestly cannot wait until Trigga makes it to the NFL — the tweets can only get better from there.

So if I can say one thing to you, Trigga, it’s this: Don’t ever change. Keep doin’ Trigga.


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