Quiz: Which politician went to Cal?

It’s time to test your trivia knowledge (and school pride) again! You might have already tried guessing which celebrity went to Cal, but did you know a whole slew of prominent political figures were students here too? Try figuring out which of the two people listed together used to be Golden Bears. We’ll give you the answers, so don’t cheat with Google …

Round 1: Francisco I. Madero or Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?

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Answer: Both!

Sorry for tripping you up so early, but did you know that two different presidents once walked across Sproul Plaza? Madero — the first revolutionary president of Mexico — went here for a year to learn agriculture and brush up on his English. Bhutto, the former president and prime minister of Pakistan, got his bachelor’s degree in political science — with honors!


Round 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jerry Brown?

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Answer: Jerry Brown.

Cali’s current governor got a bachelor’s degree in classics at UC Berkeley in 1961 before going to law school and eventually launching a political career. Now if only the Terminator had gone here too…

Round 3: Barbara Lee or Janet Napolitano?

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Answer: Barbara Lee

Our future UC president is new to the school, but Rep. Barbara Lee got a masters in social work from UC Berkeley in 1975.

Round 4:  Haakon Magnus or Frederik Christian?

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Answer: Haakon Magnus

Otherwise known as Crown Prince Haakon, the Norwegian heir apparent beats out Danish Crown Prince Frederik in this competition. Prince Haakon got his bachelor’s degree in political science from UC Berkeley in 1999.

Know any other political hotshots who call themselves Cal alumni? Let us know by commenting!

Image sources: hsbfrank ,ABQ MUSEUM PHOTOARCHIVES, Dr Ghulam Nabi Kazi, Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer, Officer Phil, Youth Radio, Center for American Progress, United Nations Development Programme and VisitCopenhagen under Creative Commons.

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