“Love Love Love” me some “Glee”

20th Century Fox/Courtesy

Gleeks unite, the widely anticipated return of the fifth season of Fox’s hit musical series Glee is in sight. And get this — not only has the musical melodrama returned but it has been confirmed that Glee will be picked up for a sixth season as well. Season four left audiences with a cliffhanger after Rachel — played by triple-threat singer, dancer, actress Lea Michele — auditions for the lead role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway musical, “Funny Girl.” A series of spoilers released by Fox has confirmed that Rachel does indeed get the call back. But, of course, the spoilers leave the audience counting down the days until the show premiers as it is unclear if this callback will put Rachel in the spot of becoming a Broadway star.

After season three, a number of Glee stars graduated from McKinley high and moved onto bigger and better things, namely in New York City. With this shift the program began shooting in split locations, following the new members of the Glee club at McKinley High as well as the lives of Rachel and Kurt as they navigate the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts and Santana as she finds her place in New York City. Spoiler number two flashes to McKinley High where things have been in shambles since Sue Sylvester, sassy and uninhibited coach of the cheerleading squad The Cheerios, resigned. Her triumphant return is imminent but she has moved up in the ranks from coach to principle.

The soundtrack of the first episode will be the first in a two-part Beatles extravaganza, cued by the episode title “Love, Love, Love”. Part two of the Beatles tribute, “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”, will air on October 3rd and is rumored to the be the McKinley Prom episode. Keep an eye out for the familiar faces of Hollywood’s A-list stars this season including Demi Lovato and Adam Levine. The season is promised to be full of new faces and fresh talent. However, to much dismay of fans, ditzy and loveable cheerleader Brittany will not be returning to Glee as season four saw the surprising news of her acceptance to MIT university as a newly discovered math genius.

Another star will be dearly missed. Flashback a few months ago when Glee producers indefinitely put the shows return on hold after the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith who played both Rachel’s love-interest and one time fiancé as well as high school football star, Finn. The series was scheduled to premiere on September 19th but time was needed to rewrite the season as Finn was expected to play a major role. Episode 3, titled “The Quarterback”, of the new season will be a tribute episode to the death of Monteith and the passing of his fictitious character, Finn.

Season five will no doubt be emotionally wrenching for both fans and the show’s cast and crew as the death of the beloved actor is mourned. But, as they say in show business, the show must go on and Glee is known for it’s sensitivity to those issues that are challenging to address and Cory Monteith’s legacy will live on through the show’s future success.

Season Five of “Glee” premieres Thursday at 9/8c.