5 signs you’ve been ‘Trader Joe’d’

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It’s that time of the week. The cupboards are bare, your stomach is rumbling and your credit card yearns for the tender touch of a pricy purchase. Yep, you guessed it: It’s time to go grocery shopping. And where do Berkeley students love to grocery shop more than at our trusty Trader Joe’s? With every shopping trip that ends with you staggering home with a too-heavy load, there are five signs that show you’ve truly been “Trader Joe’d.”

1. You’re (at least) $40 poorer.


Even if we went to the trouble of actually making a shopping list, we always seem to spend more money than we intended. Call it disorganization, lack of willpower or just plain greed, that place has a way of making us get much more than we bargained for — literally!

2. And two more brown paper bags richer.


This is to add to the other 50 billion brown bags you own but never remember to bring.

3. You’ve returned home without the one item you initially wanted.

Head in Hands

Between perusing the cheese section and trying the samples, you probably managed to forget to pick up that one item that prompted your visit to Trader Joe’s in the first place. It’s only after returning from the store and attempting to make a PB and J that you realized you forgot to pick up the J for your PB. It happens every time.

4. But managed to acquire some “I definitely deserve this” treats instead.


You’re innocently browsing when suddenly, in your peripheral vision, you spot a particularly attractive box of brownies. “It’s been a long day,” we convince ourselves. “I need brain food,” we tell ourselves. “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow,” we say (although that never ends up happening). Needless to say, somehow that extra pack of whateverthehellwewant always seems to land in our basket, in our bags and then in our mouths an hour later. It’s inevitable.

5.  You’re eating.


After a long and arduous shopping trip, who doesn’t pick the first snack she sees out of her grocery bag and start eating while unpacking her groceries? Just us? OK.

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