Why your battery only lasts for 5 seconds

You’re running down the sidewalk, and you’re 10 minutes late. You just need to shoot one more text to your soon-to-be ex-significant other explaining yourself — they’ll understand, right? But just as you hit that send button, your screen goes blank, you see that horrid shutdown symbol and your phone has gone kaput. And with it went your love life. Why?

Because you just ran out of battery. At the moment you needed it most.

Battery life is the single biggest thing we hate about our gadgets. We at the Clog always hear people whining about how their iPhones die on them — but it turns out there’s actually a reason for this. And no, your phone isn’t possessed. Just like all of those shots you had at the party last night, these little things can add up over time and seriously mess stuff up.

Your screen need not be this bright.

Your screen need not be this bright.

Let’s start with the biggest culprit: your gadget’s screen. Bright screens can make your phone come to life. If you usually set your screen brightness high enough to use your phone as a signal flare, your battery life will suffer. More power from your gadget goes to lighting up its display than literally anything else.

Just say no.

Just say no.

Another way you can prevent your phone from bidding adieu all of a sudden: keeping your Wi-Fi off when you don’t need it. Why the hell do you need Wi-Fi active on all your devices at one time? That email from your boss will pop up perfectly well on your laptop. But your smartphone doesn’t know that — so it will obliviously continue to sniff out Wi-Fi in order to deliver that same email to you.

This is what a charger looks like. use it.

This is what a charger looks like. Use it.

Now, a bit of chemistry. (We know Chem 1AL and 4A just had their midterms, so we’ll try to avoid giving you nightmares.) Each time you plug your phone or laptop into the wall, it loses a bit of its battery capacity. Halfway through its life cycle, the average battery might hold only 80 percent of the charge it used to. The solution? Try to charge your phone fully, and avoid charging it overly frequently. Plugging it in several times a day is a surefire way to make your battery give out early.

Finally, the biggest way you can maximize your battery life: Actually charge your phone! It might seem stupid, but human error is usually to blame when your phone shuts down. We’ve faced this situation countless times before: forgetting to plug in at night and then staring at our phone in despair in the morning. Looks like we have to muscle through the day on a 12 percent charge … again.

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