Daily Cal Street Style: Working Hard or Hardly Working

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The Daily Cal roamed campus this week in search of Cal’s fiercest fashionistas. Typing away on their laptops or breaking for a quick coffee, these chic scholars showed what it means to study in style.


(pictured right)

DC: It looks like you may be a punk rock fan. Who’s your favorite band right now?

Elizabeth: Fidlar.

DC: What about any fashion inspirations?

Elizabeth: I really like Chloe Sevigny.



DC: Whats your favorite item in your closet?

Holly: My red Doc Martens. (pictured)

DC: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Holly: PB&J … always!


DC: What are your outfit inspirations?

Jeannine: I like to dress up everyday — kind of like character dressing to whatever I feel like.

DC: What’s the last really awesome thing you found while thrift shopping?

Jeannine: I found these Gap overalls from 1997, cut them up and wore them to Outside Lands.


DC: What’s your style?

Merveille: I like to mix it up between elegance and street. Neither one or the other but always a little of both.

DC: Whats your favorite word in French or German, since you speak both?

Merveille: Verwegen — it’s a german word that means bold, but it also implies the feeling of being blown by the wind.

Kitty and Khuri

Daily Californian: If you had to be Miley or Britney who would you be?

Khuri: uhh…

Kitty: How about Beyonce?

DC: If you could only wear one article of clothing to school, and nothing else, what would it be?

Khuri: My red pants. (pictured)

Kitty: My boots! (pictured)


DC: Describe your style for us.

Will: I would say it’s classic and understated. I like French Vogue.

DC: What’s a book you’re really into right now?

Will: Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley.