The struggles of Snapchat in college life

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Every Snapchat user has been there. We understand the pain of taking 30 Snapchat pictures to find the perfect combination of “ugly-cute” when trying to Snapchat back the cute boy or girl that you met in class. We get the weird looks from older people who just don’t understand what we’re doing on our phones. We recognize the feeling of accomplishment that comes with pulling off the rebellious in-class snap.

So if you are an avid Snapchatter — meaning you Snapchat at home or on campus and while you’re studying at Main Stacks, on the toilets of Dwinelle or pretty much anywhere else — we know you’ve definitely had to overcome some real obstacles. Here are a couple of said struggles that all Snapchat enthusiasts can relate to.

The double-chin snap:



You can use this app to ensure that the hilariously hideous pictures that are only safe for the eyes of your closest friends will never see the light of day. We usually send these in the middle of class. And then we realize there’s an extremely attractive person next to us. And then we cry.

The flirty snap: 


You can use it to discreetly communicate with that hottie from your MWF lecture — especially when texting seems just a little too forward.



You can use it to show your friends what a great time you are having (even if you are lying). Try captions like “OMG this party’s poppin” or “soOooOOOo #turnt.”

The “artsy” snap: 


You can use the app to show off your artsy skills. Impress your friends using only a limited color palette and your fingers!

The silly-but-still-sexy snap:


You’ve probably gone through the internal conversation where you’re like, “I want this person I’m sending this snap to to think I’m goofy and funny and playful, so I’m going to make a funny face.” And then you do. And then you realize you look like a literal butt. Finding the silly-to-hot ratio in snaps is one of the realest struggles of all.

The acquaintance you only get mass snaps from:


We all have this “friend.” You’ve probably gotten random Snapchat videos of football games, crazy tailgates on Frat Row or concerts you wish you were going to with captions like “soOOoooO crazy” or “dope set!!!” from someone you rarely ever talk to. This usually results in you rolling your eyes and being jealous … even though you do the same thing all the time.

Taking a picture in class and realizing there’s someone right in your Snap range:


In the middle of a lecture, you’re taking a really horrendous snap to send to your best friend, and you realize there’s someone right behind you looking straight at your camera like a deer in the headlights. Good thing that same student sits behind you every Tuesday and Thursday. Congratulations! You are now being judged by one more person!

The butt-dial snap:


This is a real thing. If you’ve ever had Snapchat open accidentally, you may or may not have pressed that little circular button without even knowing and sent all of your Snapchat friends a blurry photo of the ground while you’re walking, a video of a private conversation between you and someone else during coffee or, if you’re really lucky, a video of the bathroom floor of Dwinelle with the sounds of your audible urination.

Image source: ryan.nagelmann orphanjones and whatleydude  under Creative Commons

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