Why the iPhone 5C doesn’t make sense for UC Berkeley students

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The iPhone 5C can best be compared to seeing an ex at a party. At first, you just want to ignore your ex, but then you get intrigued by his or her supposedly “new personality” and finally are tempted to give it a shot (even though you know there are way better options out there).

The iPhone 5C, released Sept. 20, was designed to replace the iPhone 5 in Apple’s smartphone lineup and follows up the best smartphone made in years — no pressure, right? (We at the Clog would like to think UC Berkeley students know a thing or two about pressure.) The thing is, technology usually gets better over time. It’s a rule. So why, then, does the 5C seem to be inferior to its predecessor in terms of quality?

The original iPhone 5 felt like something that was made with the care of a Ferrari or a Bugatti — the metal back alone screamed, “This phone is worth more than most houses in the Third World!” But the 5C? It’s plastic. Not metal, like the 5, or even glass, like the 4S. It’s plastic. Cheap plastic. Fisher-Price plastic. Ew.

On the plus side, it can probably grate cheese.

On the plus side, it can probably grate cheese.

Now, if the iPhone 5C were markedly cheaper, this downgrade in quality could perhaps be forgiven. The 5C (unbelievably) costs the same as an original iPhone 5 would today ($99), had it not been discontinued. For only $100 more, you could get an iPhone 5S (Apple’s other new iPhone) with a better processor, better camera and a fingerprint scanner. And, ultimately, you’re a student. You’re going to be glued to your smartphone with club updates, texts and notifications about failed midterms for a few years. You might as well spend a few bucks and make that experience the best it can be. After all, this is the device that’s going to be telling you you’ve missed your Tele-BEARS appointment. Again.

But this iPhone. Not the Skittles one.

Buy this iPhone. Not the Skittles one.

Sometimes you have to realize when things aren’t going to work out and when you deserve something better. iPhone 5C, it’s not us — it’s you.

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