Let’s Rewind

Solo artist Four-Tet, stage name of thirty-five year old Kieren Hebden, has taken the music world by storm with his uniquely intricate electronic sound. His roots go back to his days with the post-rock band Fringe in the early nineties but the London born artist began his solo career as Four Tet in 1998 and has gained wide acclaim for his development as a performer over the past fifteen years. The product of a South African born Indian mother and lecturer father, Four Tet’s eclectic nature was predictable from birth. This diversification is ever present in the artist’s assorted sound and innovative promotional style.

As is the nature of any expansive performer, Four Tet has been linked to many big name artists en route to establishing a successful career for his brand. From opening for Radiohead back in 2003, collaborating with composer David Arnold on “Crawl, End Crawl” for the closing song of the acclaimed Hollywood hit Quantum of Solace in 2008, and again pairing up with Thom Yorke for “Ego”/ “Mirror” in 2011. His success has been forthcoming and dedicated fans have followed wide-eyed, waiting to see what the unpredictable artist will do next.

That’s just what gives Four Tet his edge, unpredictability. Fans never know what to expect from the fluctuating artist, both in his variance of style and sampling of a variety of songs in widely popular DJ sets. On Sunday October 3rd, Four Tet hosted an eight hour DJ streaming set on the UK’s Rinse FM, again proving his ability to seamlessly coalesce sounds from a variety of genres including techno, house, jazz, garage, and rock.

Four Tet released his sixth LP Pink at the end of Summer 2012, consisting of eight tracks that became global house dance-floor favorites. Gaining wide acclaim the artist leaked an online only LP 0181, which later went to Vinyl, a cumulation of unreleased work spanning from the beginning of his career in 1997 to 2013 displaying the artist’s steadfast talent and fluctuating style over the course of time. Thus far Four Tet’s style has been classified as “folktronica”, a label that he will soon shatter with the release of his seventh album entitled Beautiful Rewind, a fitting name for an artist with a career path that, when revisited, so beautifully elaborates his current success. The single Parallel Jalebi is up on the artist’s Soundcloud page and gives a taste of what is to come in the remaining ten tracks of the LP; gone is the element of folk melody and in it’s place comes a new wave mechanical sound with an emphasis on the subtlety of noise. A number of singles from the album have been leaked on the music blog The Hype Machine, including Unicorn, Ba Teaches Yoga, and Moma. Until recently the LP had been scheduled to release “soon” according to the artists Twitter page, but “soon” is upon us.

Earlier this week the artist leaked Beautiful Rewind to his Soundcloud page before the LP’s official release, yet another deliberately bold move. Just a teaser, the album was quickly taken down before going viral keeping fans on their toes for the anticipation of the official release on October 15th.

What is next for an artist that has seemingly done it all? It’s impossible to tell when it comes to the progressive nature of the hauntingly fickle Four Tet. To keep up with the fast pace of Four Tet and what will come next follow the artist on Twitter. You can pre-order Beautiful Rewind in a mp3, CD, or Vinyl.