The best of Cal’s bathroom graffiti artists

Picture this: You’re in a bathroom cubicle. Inside the cubicle, you’re bombarded with messages of every kind left by eager Cal students — all the while wondering how the authors of these strange pieces of art actually remembered to bring a Sharpie with them to the bathroom. Like good, time-efficient UC Berkeley students, these “graffiti artists” prove they can put their time on the toilet to good use and use it to write puns, have debates or simply make random statements.

image (15)

This piece of “art” is one of many that can be found in bathrooms around campus. We can’t be sure, but we bet this is the only ass this anonymous student will ever see.

A particularly interesting set of graffiti in a Moffitt Library bathroom saw students try their hands at creating every pun possible around the word “grout“:

image (11)

image (12)

image (14)

image (10)

Others use the walls to write somewhat controversial opinions:


Or have pretty interesting “artistic” disputes:


Or use the opportunity to brighten someone’s day:


There are even blogs dedicated to documenting the hilarious and often strange comments written by Cal students from the toilet seat. UC Berkeley Bathroom Graffiti, better known as ucbbg, shares evidence of what its author describes as “the wit and wisdom of pooping people with pens.” This picture is our favorite:


Do you know of any places on campus with weird bathroom graffiti? Let us know!

Image sources: ucberkeleybathroomchronicles, ucbbg