Daily Cal Street Style: Make a Statement

Ashley Chen/Senior Staff

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Whether it be with mixed prints or contrast color-blocking, we couldn’t help but notice the bold outfits your fellow Cal bears put together this week. Scroll through and take some notes!

Vreni (pictured above)
This cool grad student was running late to an appointment so we couldn’t give her the usual run-down, but we were able to get a quick snap of her adorable florals!

sean copy

What are some of your fashion inspirations?
I’m into workwear but I also have a futurist impulse, with a little Lisa Frank mixed in there too.
What’s the last thing you did that you don’t remember?
Uhh, my dreams last night?
Where do you like to shop in Berkeley?
Sway on Telegraph.
Who’s your favorite diva superstar?
Definitely Solange. I also love Ciara!
Do you have a celebrity style icon you look up to?
I would say M.I.A. I like people who mix classy high fashion and street.
What did you just have for lunch?
A ridiculously wet wrap from GBC…
We spotted Stefan studying at Doe Library. We didn’t want to interrupt the quiet studying but couldn’t resist catching a shot of his vibrant orange and olive sun-printed outfit.
Where does your style come from?
I grew up in Guam, so I try to blend island style into clothes that will work with the Berkeley weather.
What’s your favorite island fruit?