7 low-key things to do in San Francisco

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As adventurous as we Golden Bears are, trekking to San Francisco can sometimes seem daunting. With our hectic weeks and midterm frenzy, weekend hibernation time is essential.


Besides, we’ve seen Fisherman’s Wharf, we’ve “aw-ed” at the sea lions, we’ve treated ourselves to free chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and we can see the Golden Gate from our dorm room window. What more do we need to do?

The answer is: a lot! San Francisco is a big city, and we’ve only got four (or five …) years to explore it. So, if you’re already planning your weekend sleep-fest, we have a few suggestions that will get you out of bed and on your way before you can say “BART strike.”


1.  If you’re bored of the typical museum scene …

The Exploratorium is a great alternative. Instead of silence, it’s filled with clicking gadgets and ringing bells, and instead of “Do Not Touch” signs, the Exploratorium encourages hands-on engagement. Huge plus: It just moved from the middle of nowhere to a more convenient location at Pier 15.


2.  If you’re ready for some exercise …

Check out the mosaic on the 16th Avenue Titled Steps. This San Francisco secret is a hike of 163 steps to the top, but it’s well worth the view.


3.  If you’re actually a pinball wizard …

Take your spare laundry quarters (as if) and spend the day at the Musee Mecanique at Fisherman’s Wharf. This antique arcade has games dating back to the late 1800s, and they still work!


4.  If you’re a history buff…

Take a trip to 1906, and visit the “Golden Hydrant.” This (now golden) fire hydrant is responsible for the Mission’s survival of a seven-hour blaze that came after the April 18, 1906, earthquake.

golden hydrant

5.  If you love the Berkeley hippie scene …

Make your way to Haight and Ashbury, where SF’s hippie culture was born. During the “Summer of Love,” psychedelic music and cheap rent brought big names such as Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin to the area. The bohemian culture and bright-painted houses created a new world. We hear it hasn’t changed much.


6.  If you’re sick of Cafe 3 …

Hit up the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays for some fresh food. With top chefs and local farmers, you’re bound to leave with your bags (and your stomach) full.

farmers market

7.  If you’ve been living under a rock …

You probably haven’t heard that the house used in the TV show “Full House” is located in SF. Although it’s a real house, with real people living in it, it’s still cool to say: “I’ve been to the ‘Full House’ house.”

full house

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