Calstrology: your weekly horoscope

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Want to know what your week has in store for you? Look no further! The Daily Clog is here with your weekly horoscope.

Aries — You might be a little bit stressed as your schoolwork piles up, but do not fret. You know how to manage your schedule well, and if you can give up an hour or two of sleep a night, you will find the time to study. Treat yourself to a nice coffee in the morning. You deserve it.

Taurus — You are probably feeling a little nostalgic as this semester seems to rush past. You miss the ease of talking to new people, taking simple intro classes or eating at Crossroads. But instead of dwelling on your freshman year, you should be proud of your accomplishments so far.

Gemini — You’re going to have a great week. You have been indecisive recently, unsure of whether you want to switch your major, commit to a new relationship or buy that new, expensive piece of clothing. Go for it.

Cancer — Your luck is about to change. You are about to find a new lucky charm, be it a rabbit’s foot, a helpful GSI or a new friend. Capitalize on this new opportunity.

Leo — You will miss the 51B by two minutes on Thursday. Make sure you have on your sneakers so you can make it to class.

Virgo — Watch out! You are about to fall ill. All those late nights (studying, obviously) are about to catch up with you as you catch your first cold of the season. Stock up on some Emergen-C and grab some extra honey for your tea, because you are going to need it.

Libra — Take the path less traveled to class on Tuesday. Turn on a different street or walk around Sproul in the other direction — even if you get lost, it will be worth it. You are about to make a new discovery that you would have otherwise missed.

Scorpio — You should call an old high school friend. There are some funny stories and some surprising news you have missed!

Sagittarius — You need a break. Take some time for yourself: Go for a walk on Northside, take BART into the city or nap on Memorial Glade. Do something to change up your routine, because you need some invigoration.

Capricorn — You might want to consider doing that extra assignment for class. That reading you never do is for sure going to turn up on your quiz this week. You’re welcome.

Aquarius — You are about to come upon some money. Save it for a rainy day.

Pisces — Wear pants on Thursday. Seriously. We can’t tell you why, but you will thank us later.


Image Sources: Remko van Dokkum under Creative Commons

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