The 3 best cars for Berkeley

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Walking sucks. Sure, you get some exercise, but you’re constantly tired out and never on time. So, for those of you who have decided to take the plunge and bring a car to Cal, we at the Clog would like to recommend some of the best. When it comes to Berkeley, these three are undoubtedly on the honor roll.

1. Honda Fit

Size matters

Size matters, folks. We like ’em small.

This spritely little auto has a lot going for it. The cash-strapped college student will not only appreciate how cheap it is to purchase (the Fit is one of the cheapest new cars you can buy), but also how little it costs to run. And not only does the Fit give you stellar mileage, but this is a Honda we’re talking about here. That means that it will never, ever break down — hell, it’ll probably outlast you. And then there’s the Honda Fit’s real calling card: its size. This thing takes the definition of compact car to a whole new level: We’ve seen bikes bigger than this thing. That really pays major dividends when you’re hustling down Telegraph, dodging seemingly blind motorists and obnoxious Cal students left and right (seriously, wait for the goddamn walk symbol). And that tiny parking spot on Bancroft? You can slip in while every compensating jerk in his SUV tries (and fails) to fit. Sometimes in a huge city like Berkeley, it pays to go small.

2. Toyota Prius C

Tree huggers will love you

Tree huggers will love you.

Fun fact: did you know the Prius actually isn’t just one car anymore? It’s evolved into a line of cars from Toyota that includes the Prius C, the baby Prius. This small and cheap (noticing a theme?) hybrid is great for a lot of the reasons that the Fit stands out, but it excels even more than the Honda in fuel economy. Driving around Berkeley is a decidedly slow affair, and cars burn a lot more fuel at lower speeds than at higher ones (especially when you factor in the fuel wasted waiting at one of Berkeley’s infamous red lights). The Prius C, however, skips around this by being a hybrid. So what does this mean to you? Less money spent on gas, and more for books! Or booze. Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to spend it on booze.

 3. Subaru Impreza

Just don't get this color, and you'll be fine.

Just don’t get this color, and you’ll be fine.

Sure, this Subaru is a bit chunky and more expensive compared to the last two cars. But there’s a reason for this: This car places a priority on safety. It’s aced nearly every crash test it’s been put through, and it has a bunch of technologies on board that keep you out of an accident in the first place (like all-wheel-drive). When you wrap your shiny new car around a tree, you’ll certainly feel embarrassed. But at least you might have a shot at walking away with only your car and pride in pieces. Safety first, folks. Especially with a bunch of aggravated, sleep-deprived Berkeley kids.

Photo credit: Aidan-Sally, timomcd mariordo59 and Lewaedd-Q under Creative Commons

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