Beyonce weighs in on the bill to make ASUC senators wear nametags

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Currently on the table: An ASUC Senate bill suggests ASUC senators and administrators wear nametags around campus and in class — a never-ending “Hello, My Name Is” reminding us that we are indeed in the age of 24/7 accessibility.

Will this bill — authored by Independent Campaign for Common Sense Senator Solomon Nwoche —  create just enough transparency? Or does it cross the line into high-and-mighty name-dropping? Or will it just look completely ridiculous?

In 2000, a group almost as famous as the ASUC had a similar request — suggesting its members’ names be spoken when they were addressed. We thought Destiny’s Child might be the perfect group to describe this ASUC problem:

To the tune of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” (Protip: play the song while reading these lyrics):

Say the name, say the name

No matter who’s around you

They’re the ones you turn to

Transparency’s the aim


Wear the name, wear the name

The nametags on the daily

Some think this bill is crazy

Why the sudden change?


Say the name, say the name

In campus or in classes

Will they look like pompous asses?

Admin could do the same


Know the name, know the name

Don’t know them from elections?

No longer have those questions

These are the goals, they claim


Sep-tem-ber Eighteen

Got brought up, they convened

S B Twenty-One

Done by Senator Solomon


They exchanged their words, some “uh-huhs,” some “OKs”

Will this bill achieve

What they want it to portray


If they took it there

First of all, let us say

Would it make us look

Up to them, the wrong way


They don’t want to seem

Arrogant or too vain

But all these things aside 

Accountability’s still the price of fame…

Image Source: maybeemily under Creative Commons

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