3 laptop-friendly cafes in Berkeley

Kelly Fang/File

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You go to FSM with laptop in hand, hoping to snag that cozy little spot in the corner. Yeah, yesterday you couldn’t find a seat, but that was at, like, 1 p.m. Who the hell has lunch at 3? It’s two hours after prime lunchtime, so you figure you’ll at least get a seat by an outlet.

But apparently you’re wrong. All you really wanted was a piece of lemon poppy seed bundt cake and a quiet place to study. But instead, you wind up sitting outside in the blazing sun (all of the shaded tables are occupied), watching your battery percentage rapidly decrease.

We at the Clog recognize your struggle, and we want to help alleviate your pain. If you’re one of those people who can only work in cafes — because home is distracting and Moffitt is depressing — please avoid FSM. And Strada. And Milano. They’re just too well known. For a better chance of actually finding a place to sit within arm’s reach of an outlet, we suggest checking out one of these cafes instead.

1. People’s Coffee and Tea


Located on Shattuck Avenue, People’s Coffee and Tea has outlets everywhere. Underneath counters, behind tables, on the floor — you name it, it’s there. Plus, it has a back room dedicated to super quiet studying. And it has hummus plates (need we say more?).

2. Brewed Awakening


Brewed Awakening has awesome Wi-Fi. And you never have to ask what the password is, because staff leave handy -dandy fliers with the code on every table — one of which you’ll actually be able to sit at. Located on Euclid Avenue, this cafe is perfect for studious Northsiders or Gourmet Ghetto devotees.

3. Sack’s Coffee House


You’ll have to trek down College Avenue for a good 10 minutes to reach Sack’s, but it’s well worth it. Just picture yourself delicately sipping a piping-hot chai latte while lounging on a pair of plush sacks with a fully charged laptop glowing in front of you.

Image Source: Sharon Hahn Darlin under Creative Commons (top and bottom) and Sabrina Werts/Staff (middle)

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