The process of losing your keys

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In the midst of life as a busy UC Berkeley student, some things can slip through the cracks. When you are rushing from class to class and trying to avoid eye contact with your old acquaintances, you might forget to check whether you have your keys. While this problem could be solved with a lanyard that would keep them securely around your neck at all times, most of us decide to forgo this convenience to avoid looking like a freshman (ew).

If you have ever lost your keys, you’ll probably know exactly what we are talking about:

You walk up to the front door of your dorm with confidence like …


But then you reach into the pocket of your backpack and realize it’s empty …


You grudgingly rush back to your last class …


And frantically look everywhere in the classroom. 


In your desperation, you then might go to the lost and found …

cant find phone

But then be horribly disappointed when you find your keys aren’t there, either …

disappointed 1

You then spend the rest of the day calling your roommates to let you into your dorm, your room and the bathroom …

calling roommates

Until you finally accept that the keys are gone forever and hand over $50 for a new set. old keys

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