4 things everyone hates about Berkeley but comes to love

Arya Aliabadi/Staff

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When you first come to Berkeley, it’s normal to be overwhelmed by the urban, grungy and retro environment. However, once you have been here for long enough, you will start to embrace the chaos and maybe even enjoy the speed of Berkeley life.

Telegraph Avenue:

Upon first arrival, Telegraph can feel like a small foreign nation, inhabited by only the grungiest of Berkeley “residents.” When you first walk down the somewhat dirty street, you will most likely be scared and nervous as homeless men and women ask for spare change. But as time passes and you become fairly adjusted to your surroundings, you will begin to appreciate Telegraph for its wild and spunky personality. You will no longer be apprehensive about walking through it; you will become comfortable saying hello to the various street dwellers.

The sweaty hike:

Until you become a freshman at UC Berkeley, you will never know how truly hilly it is. At first, it is a total pain to get from Mulford to Clark Kerr. You will most likely arrive to your location with a distinct sweaty film on your face. Do not worry; this is normal. (Sweat is a perfectly natural process that absolutely no one should be suspicious of.) Although others may have arrived without stench, with the lack of air conditioning in almost every classroom, no one will leave without perspiring.

The interesting folk on Sproul:

We at the Clog recently overheard a man screaming, “Vietnam is evil! Vietnam is bad!” while sitting atop a small pillar on the entrance to Sproul Plaza.  At first, this will completely startle and confuse you. You will think to yourself, “Wait, didn’t the Vietnam War end nearly 38 years ago?” The answer to that question is yes — it did. But the same man who is still fixated on the Vietnam War will also be able to tell you about the structure of an atom. Always keep an open mind.

8 a.m. classes:

The most dreaded hour of the day for some Berkeley students is that of their 8 a.m. classes. While waking up for this class will undoubtedly be painful, especially after a summer of sleeping in until noon, you will adjust and maybe even make a social experience out of it. Surprisingly, a lot of people are brushing their teeth in the co-ed bathrooms at 7:30 a.m. in preparation for class. You might even bond over your hatred of your morning class or the type of toothpaste you both use.

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