Easy Halloween costumes that are mom-approved

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We at the Clog are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Halloween. Who wouldn’t love a holiday that gives us an excuse to get dressed up and pretend we’re not stressed-out college students? While many also use the holiday as an excuse to show off their “assets” (a la “Mean Girls”), we know some of you may prefer to stay a little bit more covered up.  So for the Bears that live by the tagline “modest is hottest,” here are some Halloween costume ideas that your mom can’t get mad at when she sees pictures on Facebook.

1. Minion


What is more appropriate than a costume based on an animated children’s movie? We at the Clog believe this costume is as endearing and adorable as it gets.

How to achieve the look: yellow tights, yellow shirt, jean shorts, goggles

2. Pumpkin Pi

pumpkin cat

This costume is sure to get parental approval. Not only is it conservative, but that fact that it is educationally based will make your mom feel like she raised a responsible and intelligent young adult.

How to achieve the look: Put the pi symbol (π) on an orange T-shirt.  If desired, add orange face paint and black triangles around your eyes so you can look like a jack-o-lantern.

3. Steve Urkel


Any parent who was a fan of “Family Matters” will adore this costume.  With just a few basic clothing items you might already own, you can transform into this unforgettably awkward and lovable sitcom star.

How to achieve the look: high-waisted pants or shorts, suspenders, “nerd” glasses and either a polo or sweater vest

4. Mummy


Costumes don’t come any more conservative than this! Every inch of your body will be adorned in cloth. Additionally, there is historical value in this costume. This mummy will be mommy approved!  #puns

How to achieve the look: Wear all white and wrap yourself in more white cloth. Or toilet paper (it’s thrifty, not gross).

5. Derek Zoolander


This costume will get you parental approval and compliments from your peers. Channeling the most beautiful male model ever seen will make everyone at the party laugh and fall in love with how really, really ridiculously good-looking you are.

How to achieve the look: Wear something super fashion-forward. Either spike your hair very high or find a wig. Add a headband and some lipstick to accentuate that signature Derek Zoolander pout.

Image Sources: Thomas under Creative Commons

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