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Why technology in school sucks

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OCTOBER 22, 2013

Technology can be a great thing. That iPhone in your pocket? It can bring up worlds of information, connect you to the people you love and capture photos of your most cherished memories.

But let’s be honest: You’re probably just going to use it to Snapchat obscene pictures to your friends and watch stupid YouTube videos. And with that, fellow Bears, we at the Clog present you with the top three reasons technology sucks.

It’s misused in lecture.

The average person in lecture.
The average person in lecture.

Lectures aren’t easy. You have to sit there and pretend to actually care about what your professor is telling you even though all you really want is to scrape a B in the class. Jeez. But you know what makes it even harder? When the person in front of you seems to finds Instagram far more appealing than learning about Lithuanian literature in the 1500s (just for clarification, we at the Clog are actually huge fans of Lithuanian literature in the 1500s. Go liberal arts!). Those photos of you and your girlfriend are great, buddy. Good for you. But we don’t need to see them magnified on a MacBook Pro screen in the middle of Anthro 2AC. Take some damn notes or something.

It enables stalking.

They just want to love you, you monster.
They just want to love you, you monster.

It’s great that technology keeps us connected. But what about that club you randomly signed up for during Calapalooza? That one person you … met at a party and really don’t want to hear from again? Sure, you’d ignore him or her if you could. The problem is that in the age of things like Facebook, nobody is anonymous anymore. If somebody wants to find you, you’re just a lazy Google search away. So, the next time you get pestered by somebody online (be it spam or something more insidious), don’t just blame that person. Blame the system he or she used to track you down and make you suffer.

It’s a distraction.

The minute you see this, you know you've failed math.
The minute you see this, you know you’ve failed math.

What’s that, you say? You try to type out your paper on great statisticians but somehow end up wandering to Tumblr instead?

Welcome aboard, and get in line.

That’s the problem with technology. Not only does it make so much entertainment available to you, but it also makes it available for free. And what’s more is that the machine you have to write your essay on (your laptop) also happens to be your portal to all of this distracting junk. You can choose to do work, but it’s just as easy for you to pull up Hulu instead. It’s like having a giant rave and a study group in the same house. Which one do you think people are going to go to?

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OCTOBER 21, 2013

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