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5 things you don't want your parents to know

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OCTOBER 23, 2013

Now that we are adults (hahaha) and have left the nest, we have the freedom to do things without having to ask our parents for permission. But with that freedom comes responsibilities — and there may be a few things you’d rather not let your parents know about your life here at Berkeley (and we’re not talking about what you did last Saturday night). We at The Daily Clog have compiled a list of five things you probably don’t want your parents to know:

1. You’re failing a class


You didn’t think those couple of failed quizzes were worth mentioning, but before you knew it, you were failing one of your classes. #ithappens, but we’re not sure you’re parents will accept that as an excuse.

2. You spent $200 on everything but school supplies


The “SALE” sign at Urban Outfitters seemed so nice and innocent at the time, but add that cost to your weekly sushi receipts, and you’ll suddenly realize you’ve dropped $200 in the last couple of weeks. That’s OK; you spent it on “textbooks.”

3. You didn’t go to class for a week


You wouldn’t want to tell your hardworking parents that you’re spending your week working hard … at rewatching “Breaking Bad.”

4. You didn’t answer your phone last night because you were too drunk


When you call them back on Saturday morning, you can tell them that you fell asleep early because you were too tired from all that “homework” you’ve been doing this week.

5. You spend less time studying than you spend watching TV shows and eating takeout


And to cap it off, not only are you spending copious amounts of money on food and not doing work, but you’re actually doing both of them at the same time.

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OCTOBER 24, 2013

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