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Did you know Asian Ghetto Delivery is a real thing?

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OCTOBER 23, 2013

No, really.

One day in late September, junior Daniel Sokolovsky posted an innocent Facebook status: “Would anyone be interested in delivery from Asian Ghetto?”

Facebook quickly responded, “Make this happen!”

That night, Sokolovsky bought a domain name — ghettodelivery.com — and set it up the next day. But that first weekend was crazy. With no extra drivers and too many orders (more than 40 in one hour) Sokolovsky shutdown the website temporarily.

Ghetto Delivery — delivering food from some of the restaurants in the Durant Food Court — has reopened with four new crew members and an improved website.

Though Sokolovsky sometimes helps with delivery when orders get too crazy, he mostly takes care of processing and calling in orders. Delivering the food by bicycle — in true Berkeley fashion — the four members of the “Messenger Team” bring food to you.

According to Sokolovsky, one “bike enthusiast” can cycle from the Durant Food Court to Northside in three minutes!

So, your favorite Durant Food Court dish at your doorstep in record time without having to get off the couch? You might be asking yourself, “How haven’t I heard of this yet?”

The answer is simple: They’ve been taking it slow. Limiting advertisement to Facebook and “shouting it out randomly” gives the crew the chance to control the number of orders. But after breaking even this weekend (yay!), the Ghetto Delivery team is ready to expand. Though they are still struggling to convince the UC Berkeley campus that their business is legit, Sokolovsky is looking to partner with other local Berkeley restaurants in the future.

So, now that you know it’s not a scam, what should you do now? Well, the service delivers Sunday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. to the UC campus and most student-infested areas surrounding it. It’s perfect for late-night SLC cram sessions or lazy nights at home. As for what to order, choose anything from the Mandarin House, Gypsy’s or Pancho’s menus. The most popular dishes include “Black Pepper Seasoned Chicken Wings” and “Godfather’s Favorite.” Duh.

Image source: abrtsnstuff

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OCTOBER 23, 2013

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