How to make your BFF comfortable visiting you at Berkeley

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We at the Clog love when people from our hometowns come to visit us in college. However, you may be unsure about how your old friend visiting is going to fit in with the friends you have made since coming to Berkeley. Our advice will help you mesh the two worlds to make everyone comfortable and happy.

1. Give your visiting friend information on all of your new friends.

We’re not telling you to spill the intimate details of all your Berkeley friends’ lives, but give your hometown friend a little background to help him feel more comfortable. If your visitor meets all of the new people without any previous information, it can be overwhelming and cause him to be quiet and retreat.

2. Schedule time alone with your visiting friend.

You probably haven’t seen your old friend in a while, and no matter how much you have been texting and Facetiming her, you still need to put in some quality face-to-face time. Make one of the first activities you do a one-on-one dinner where you can talk about the person she’s been dating and see her genuine reactions to what has been going on in your life. Social media just doesn’t measure up to some true quality time with your best friend.

3. Show your friend your favorite places in Berkeley.

Whether it’s Cheese Board, Gypsy’s or Gordo’s, we all have a favorite place to eat in Berkeley by this point. Introduce your friend to the delectable food options in Berkeley that you’ve been mentiong. We guarantee that he or she will want to come back.

4. Try to build some memories.

As tempting as it may be after a long week of studying, do not force your friend to watch Netflix in your dorm with you. Your friend is not going to look back fondly on memories that can be made anywhere. So take a trip to San Francisco, hike up to the Big C or watch a Quidditch match on Memorial Glade. There are so many things that are unique to Berkeley, and you want your visitor to experience those things. Plus, it will bring your old friend and new friends closer together if they build a shared memory.

5. Get something to remember the trip by.

Whether it be matching Cal shirts or a quirky item from one of the stands on Telegraph Avenue, get some memento that you can look at and remember your friend by when he or she leaves Berkeley again. This has a double purpose: First, it can combat homesickness by having a piece of your best friend in Berkeley. Second, it can bring you two even closer together when you have another tangible representation of your friendship.

6. Do something that even you haven’t done.

We know that your first few months in Berkeley have been busy, and you may not have had time to do everything that you have wanted to do. Maybe you haven’t hiked up to the Big C or made the trip into San Francisco. There is no one better to experience one of these things with than your best friend. Also, he or she will feel a part of your experience in Berkeley.

Image Sources:  Chris JL under Creative Commons

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