4 reasons a weekend in Berkeley is better than heading home

Home is where the cats (and the catnaps) are.

Being able to go to your family’s home for a weekend sometimes provides a much-needed break from the overwhelming business of Berkeley. You get home-cooked meals and the opportunity to shower without shower shoes — you might even get along with your family! But while you may be all “home sweet home” at first, being at home will quickly remind you how awesome Berkeley is in comparison. After all, at home you have to deal with:


This is probably the most we’ll see of our parents in college.

Being accountable. You probably will quickly get tired of hearing the question, “Where are you going?” when you’re at home. While roommates may inquire where we’re headed at 1 a.m., they won’t micromanage or judge you the way your parents will, and they certainly won’t impose a curfew (we hope).


Windswept, and not from walking across campus.

Driving. Driving is one of those things you might love or hate. On the plus side, you have way more freedom than AC Transit or BART provide (even on a nonstrike week) and can now enjoy buying milk or juice without stressing about how heavy they will be to carry home. On the downside, you might be responsible for paying for your own gas.

Can't find anything to eat? Neither can we.

Can’t find anything to eat? Neither can we.

Not picking out your own food. Home-cooked food is awesome. Not being consistently within walking distance of Asian Ghetto, frozen yogurt and the Berkeley Student Food Collective? Not as awesome.

Not-so-lovebirds anymore.

Not-so-lovebirds anymore.

The “ex” factor. Whether you actually had a failed relationship or just an annoying ex-friend from high school who never seemed to move on, there is probably at least one person you’ll see who will make you remember why you wanted to leave your hometown.

Image source: Julie Falk, Jon Phillips, DOliphant, Julia and Charles Lam under Creative Commons

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