Photo Archives: Co-op life in the 70’s

Daily Cal Archives/File

Daily Cal Archives/File

With the recent opening of the Bancroft Library’s exhibit on the Berkeley Student Cooperative’s history, we in the Daily Californian photo department decided to delve into our photo archives to see how past photographers documented the BSC.

The most striking thing about these pictures is their timeless quality. Some pictures depict historical events in the BSC history, such as the construction of Rochdale Village in 1971 or the exterior of Oxford Hall, a BSC-owned property that closed in 1977. However, they represent modern student cooperative life just as much as they show co-op life as it was in the 1970’s. Walk into any co-op today and you’re likely to see students working, playing, eating, living together much like they did when these pictures were captured.

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is integral to UC Berkeley’s history because it holds the stories and experiences of thousands of students who were able to call one of it’s houses home. These pictures show snippets of those student’s lives, and further demonstrates the power of student organizations to create history and hold it for future generations.

Carli Baker is the photo editor. Contact her at [email protected]