Tips to make that 1 percent battery life last on an iPhone

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It’s a Friday night, you’re at a party and trying to find your friend, you look down at your phone and realize you have 1 percent battery left. Apple may be the most advanced and trending software in the nation, but the iPhone’s battery power doesn’t always hold out for those late-night conversations or last-minute texts. If you’re ever in that unfortunate and desperate situation, these six tips should help you make the most out of that 1 percent.

1. Turn down brightness

While the iPhone screen quality should probably be one of the world’s seven wonders, that beautiful screen takes up a lot of energy. By turning it down as low as possible, you will help your battery life last a lot longer.

2. Turn Bluetooth off

Prioritize your needs! Bluetooth is not one of them.

3. Turn off 3G/4G

This might seem obvious, but the more data and Internet you use, the faster your battery drains. If you have only a few percentage points of life left, save those for phone calls or emergency texts. You never want to be caught in a dangerous situation without a mode of communication.

4. Turn Wi-Fi off

Wi-Fi is probably one of the first things people look for when they turn on their iPhones, but in desperate situations, having Wi-Fi off will actually save you a lot of power. Or turn on Airplane mode!

5. Turn Off Location Services

Remember to turn these back on once your phone is fully charged, because apps such as Find My iPhone require these services to function properly. During the few hours that you need to make your battery life last, however, these services won’t be necessary.

6. Turn off Air Drop

This new feature of iOS7 fascinates a lot of iPhone users, but your phone will function perfectly fine without it for a few hours.

 Image Sources: Håkan Dahlström under Creative Commons

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