You know it’s officially fall in Berkeley when…

Fall officially started Sept. 22, but we think the temperatures last month were way too hot to actually count. With crisp air and pre-Thanksgiving conversations filling campus, we at the Clog feel like November really signifies the beginning of the season. We’ve compiled six of our favorite things that represent fall in Berkeley.

1. Girls have switched from jean shorts to yoga pants

Alternating with leggings and Uggs. And boys all over campus rejoice.


2. They have the pumpkin pie flavor at Yogurtland

Enough said.


3. The second wave of midterms has rolled around

Not necessarily one of our favorite things about fall, but at least it means we’ve gotten through our first set of midterms. On the downside, you’re probably not caught up on your work, because you were busy studying for the first wave that just ended. Oops.


4. Copious amounts of flannel

Plaid in every color, shape and size, adorning frat boys and hipsters alike. When the number of people in your class wearing flannel is approximately half, you know it’s officially fall.


5. SoCal students won’t shut up

From San Diego? Of Orange County origin? L.A.-based? We have a message for you: We know it’s still warm at home. Stop talking about it.


6. Oh yeah, and the colors of the leaves have started to change.

We’re definitely not the East Coast, but some trees on campus still produce those beautiful fall leaves.


Image sources: Zest-pktanzia45Wilsonshinealightcgranthamtracysuzanne21,  The Garment DistrictLink576 and Joanna Lee Osborn under Creative Commons 

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