5 campus locations that will make you wonder whether you’re at UC Berkeley or Hogwarts

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With an internationally ranked Quidditch team and a highly competitive Harry Potter DeCal complete with a Triwizard Tournament, it’s safe to say that we Golden Bears reserve a special place in our hearts for all things wizard-related. Even our campus seems to reflect the mindset of the Harry Potter generation — it bears some striking similarities to the magical aspects of Harry’s world. We’ve narrowed it down to our top five, but next time you’re on campus, take a look around and see for yourself.

1. Bowles Hall
Our very own Hogwarts Castle.


2. This eucalyptus grove near VLSB
Instead of enormous spiders and cars that drive themselves, our Forbidden Forest consists of killer squirrels and the occasional crow.


3. The North Reading Room in Doe Library
There’s just something so “Great Hall” about this place.


4. Wheeler’s third-floor bathrooms
Weird, we know. But don’t tell us you haven’t tried out your Parseltongue in front of these sinks …


5. Morrison Reading Room
With the dim lights and small selection of books, this room reminds us of the infamous forbidden section of the Hogwarts library.


Image Sources: brittreintsivanruizphotoelleinad., gwdexter and ladiesofddb under Creative Commons

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