Zellerbach Hall embraces Mariachi

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan/Courtesy

UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, a venue for cultural representation and expression, will pay tribute to the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead with the music of world-renowned folk ensemble Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. The 13-piece ensemble will grace audiences on Sunday, Nov 3rd at 7 p.m. (arrive at 5 p.m. for “Day of the Dead” face-painting) in honor of the three-day celebration, spreading a refined and time-honored sound that the group has been mastering for over 100 years.

Founded in a small city near Jalisco, Mexico in the 1980’s, the troop brings together the efforts of five generations of Mexican musicians, resulting in a hybrid work of traditional and modern Mariachi music. This melding of new and old sound welcomes diverse audiences into a sacred space where music becomes a catharsis for emotion. The band sees that “Mariachi taps into man’s raw, naked, powerful, hidden emotion,” a well-suited medium for a holiday that pays tribute to the passing of friends and family.

Purchase tickets, starting at $9 for UCB Students.

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