Do you have trouble sleeping? Try these 6 tips

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“I’m so tired” seems to be an oft-repeated refrain among Berkeley students. Between extracurriculars and school work, it can hard to get in those recommended eight hours of sleep per night. But what about when you get yourself into bed at a decent hour … and can’t fall asleep? While pulling an all-nighter can definitely mess up your sleep schedule, just being stressed or living in a loud dorm room can also affect the quality of your sleep. Try these six tips to help you fall asleep more quickly.

1. Turn off all electronics

It’s scientifically proven that using technology with bright screens right before bed can make it harder for you to fall asleep. Resist the temptation to chat with your friends, and turn off your laptop and phone (or at least put them on airplane mode) while you are getting ready for bed.

Throwing laptop

2. Take a hot shower or bath

Snuggling under a blanket after a warm shower or bath (if you don’t live in the dorms) is probably one of the most relaxing ways to fall asleep, especially now that the weather is getting colder.

Emma Shower

3. Read a book

10 p.m. may not be the best time to crack open that bio textbook (although doing so just might bore you to sleep). Instead, try reading a novel before bed, and let the story lull you to sleep.

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4. Drink something warm

Warm milk is a tactic that has been used for ages, and it helps your bones stay strong, too!

Warm Drink

5. Get a white-noise app

If music is too distracting to fall asleep to, download a free white-noise app. There are also apps that simulate that sound of waves crashing or birds chirping, which may provide soothing background noise to fall asleep to.


6. Don’t work out at night

An hour on the treadmill before falling asleep can increase your energy. Hit the gym in the morning instead, and use your nights to relax (and by “relax,” we mean “do homework”).

Dont workout

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