Daily Cal Street Style: Halloween Edition

Alec Smyth/File

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This week, we’ve got a spooky treat for you! Sproul Plaza was filled with spirited students from all walks of life (or death!): Disney princesses, mad scientists, sexy babies and witches galore! We caught a few of our favorite characters on their way to class.

Janet as Mulan and Lisa the FBI Agent

janet and lisa, mulan and cop_

Mayra the Greek goddess and Erika the gypsy

erika and mayra

Craig, the skeleton cyclist

craig the skeleton 2

Sona, the live Roy Lichtenstein pop art painting

soma, pop art

Arianne and Stella, the couple that likes to “horse” around

adrianne and stella, horse couple

Scarlet, the witch


Jose, the Power Ranger


Tom, the adult baby

tom, baby