Erik Weiner’s Picks of the Week


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M.I.A.’S Matangi

Noticing a lack of political new-rave hip-hop in your life? Well, want no longer. Everyone’s favorite Sri Lankan-English rapper returns this week with her disarmingly drab-voiced bravado on Matangi. M.I.A. may be no Hindu goddess herself, but even if the album won’t deify her, the churning Bollywood-esque melodies of  “Bad Girls” suggest that the album should be a raucous release anyway.

“Ja’mie: Private School Girl”

Not since “Summer Heights High” has the snobbish world of private education been presented from a more ridiculous perspective than that of the fictional Ja’mie King. Much of King’s humor comes from her “bitchy” portrayal by Chris Lilley, recalling certain less-than-fetch “Mean Girls.” Catch a screening of the Australian series before it hits HBO later this month, featuring a Q&A with Lilley himself as well as food and prizes.

“Blue Is the Warmest Color”

Stories of identity, loss and love tend toward emotional poignancy as it is. But giving a thematic color scheme to such a story results in a film that is visually effective. “Blue Is the Warmest Color” positively slaughtered at Cannes, and it arrives in East Bay theaters with only the highest recommendations despite its NC-17 rating (or because of it, depending on what you’re into).

Of Montreal at Great American Music Hall

Psychedelic, funky, known for eccentric live performances, better at emulating David Bowie in his prime than modern-day Bowie could dream of — this and more is true about of Montreal, even if its band name is a lie. See for yourself this weekend at the Great American Music Hall, with guests Cool Ghouls and La Luz on Friday or Painted Palms and La Luz on Saturday.

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