Reasons you miss your roommates now that you live alone

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Having a studio apartment or a single room comes with many perks, including the freedom to play your music as loud as you want and the ability to let your inner slob loose. Initially, you might love being able to sleep until noon and nap multiple times a day without judgment. But after a few weeks of living alone, you will likely soon come to find the lone-wolf lifestyle a little … lonely. We at The Daily Clog have compiled a list of four reasons you will inevitably end up missing having roommates:

1. Adventures
After busting out your final paper and going through a few celebratory rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr, you may want to actually go out to do something. But without a roommate, it just seems like so much work to even walk out the door. When you have a roommate, anything from a night at the bars to a trip to the grocery store can turn into an adventure — not the case when you live alone.

Bunk Beds

2. Your access to “news”
Whether they show you hilarious memes or songs from a band you’ve never heard of, roommates inevitably become one of your primary sources of culture and news. Two people laughing over a video of a cat playing the piano is a memory in the making; one person laughing at that same video just seems lonely.


3. Getting to share food
Remember when your roommate used to come back from Bear Market or Trader Joe’s with a full load of groceries (that you’d obviously munch on)? While you reminisce on the full-stocked fridge that you shared with your roommates, you may feel a little sad thinking about the cup of noodles you had for dinner last night.

Sharing Food

4. Constant dinner companions
No matter what you’re craving, your roommate will almost always be your plus-one to any restaurant you want to frequent. Finding someone to get dinner with once you live alone is a struggle freshmen in the dorms just can’t understand yet. Freshmen may envy the fact that you have your own place, but one day they will long for the easy company that dorms provide.

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