5 recommendations for a relaxing and productive 3-day weekend

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The three-day weekend is here at last! Between midterms, clubs and other commitments, we think there could not be a better time to have an extra 24 hours bestowed upon us. But some Berkeley students — unused to having free time — might find the long weekend to be a bit daunting: What to do with all this valuable free time? We at the Clog are here to help you maximize your three-day weekend.

Go to a Cal game

Whether you have to study or are too exhausted from a Friday night spent out, there always seems to be something that keeps you from going to a game. But with an extra day off from school, you can probably find the time and energy to cheer one of our sports teams on to a win this weekend. With a women’s basketball game Friday and a football game and men’s water polo game Saturday, there are options for all sports fans.

Cal Sports

Take a trip to UC Davis

Berkeley is undoubtedly a beautiful campus. But after a while, even South Hall and the Campanile might start to look as bland as Evans. You might feel like you’ve tried every restaurant (although we can assure you that is not true), been to every frat and found every “secret” spot to hang. If so, there is a whole other college campus available for you to explore! UC Davis — reachable via direct shuttle — is only an hour away. With its own food, party and chill options, it might be just the ticket when you need a change of pace.

UC Davis

See Lamb of God at Fox Theater

Three-day weekends are always a great time to catch a live performance by one of your favorite artists. If you don’t want to head to San Francisco to see Minor Alps or Sean Hayes, look no further than the nearby Fox Theater, where modern metal artists Lamb of God will deliver a show sure to blow your eardrums.


Study (funnn…)

Let’s face it: Your “free time” is not exactly “free.” Although we hate to say it, the three-day weekend could be the ideal time for you to catch up on that 70-page reading you’ve been procrastinating on. With an extra day, you can slow down, casually do homework and stop too much stress from building up.


Honor veterans

Marking the anniversary of the end of World War I, Veterans’ Day is a federal holiday for a reason — and perhaps the best way to spend it is to take some time to acknowledge the accomplishments and commitment of those who have given so much to us. Try to head over to Downtown San Francisco to see the annual Veterans’ Day Parade.


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