Cal girls aren’t that easy to pick up

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The comedy YouTube channel Just Go TV filmed a skit at Cal in which they (unsuccessfully) tried to pick up girls. You’d think they’d try to woo Berkeley’s women using compliments, flowers … maybe some good old-fashioned chivalry. But no. Just Go TV’s pickup method of choice: speaking gibberish.

In the video, Just Go TV actor Mike Caceres asks for girls’ number without too much success — with girls responding that they are already in relationships or with something more along the lines of “please don’t ever approach me again.”

While we at the Clog love funny situations, we thought the use of gibberish made the video just a little too awkward — to the point where we actually felt bad for the girls involved.

Caceres, a Bay Area local, thought Cal’s huge campus was the perfect location for his shoot. Despite not giving him too many numbers, he said, the girls at Cal were “friendly and patient.” In the two hours he spent on campus, the “Cal girls never harmed (him).” Was he expecting to be mauled by the girls of Berkeley? (Maybe he was thinking of our squirrels.)

While we think girls at most schools would have been equally polite, we have a few words of advice for Mike: Next time, abandon the gibberish. Maybe take your love interest on a Crossroads dinner date?

Do you think the video was funny, or do you think it was insensitive?  Watch the video.

Image Source: zoetnet under Creative Commons

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