Locations to drink while cramming for exams: part 2

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Another week, another round of midterms … and that means another round of beers for everyone! If last week’s list wasn’t enough, we’ve created a new collection of hotspots around Berkeley where you can study and drink!

1. Espresso Roma

Located at the corner of College and Ashby avenues, this quaint (and quiet) cafe has everything you need for a perfect study session: decent-sized tables, cookies and other sweets and pizza. Oh, and local beer.


2. Elmwood Cafe

Also on College Avenue (between Ashby Avenue and Russell Street), Elmwood Cafe is the perfect place to relax, read and enjoy some delicious breakfast. The establishment doesn’t provide Wi-Fi, however, so make sure you download your PDFs before you leave!


3. Caffe Mediterraneum

A Berkeley tradition and a symbol of Telegraph Avenue, Caffe Mediterraneum is a piece of history sure to inspire your creativity. Sit back, relax, soak in the atmosphere and crack open a cold one. Also order the breakfast burritos and pancakes. Seriously.


4. Five

This classy bar/restaurant on the first floor of Hotel Shattuck actually provides a rather cozy study environment. The full bar, tasty appetizers and decor are huge plusses. And did we mention the full bar?


5. Freehouse

No, really. Did you know that Freehouse opens at 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday? Grab one of those leather couches and kick back for the day. The broad menu and massive tables make studying with your sociology group actually tolerable.


Image sources: breakfastbishthedailybrewsfangelicalalalaSharon Hahn DarlinloveisallibringSharon Hahn Darlin under Creative Commons.

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