Tech & Ideas Editors’ Note

At Cal, our gears are always turning, our hard drives are always spinning and our vinyls are always rotating. Someone, somewhere is thinking of something crazy and doing something monumental — albeit surely controversial. But every great idea was once blasphemy. From the way we engage with social media, to the way we listen to music, technology can be found everywhere. In the microscophic cell of a Nobel Laureate’s lab, or in a giant institute on campus, big things are happening. And they start with you.

The artist that takes risks and appropriates failure is inherently an experimenters. The musician is a physicist; the writer is a mathematician; and the philosopher is an engineer.

At Cal, we believe that the only way to solve the world’s most pressing issues is to cross disciplinary lines and harness the multifarious talent we have on campus — to look through one lens with a hundred eyes. Look around: you will see that innovation actually is, all around you.

— Virgie Hoban & Samuel Avishay