What we usually go through when posting a selfie on Instagram

Instagram: originator of the infamous “selfie,” enabler of our unhealthy stalking habits and facilitator of our incessant need to document every aspect of our lives. So if your days at Cal are spent mindlessly scrolling through your Instafeed behind a textbook, we’ll bet that when you post a selfie, it goes a little like this:

“Omg, I look really cute today … You know what that means? Perfect time for a selfie!”


“OK, what kind of look am I going for … Sultry?”


“Ergh, no. What about the ‘I didn’t know I was taking a selfie, but here I am taking a selfie’ look?”


“Nope, I look like a deer in headlights. OK, whatever, I’ll just smile.”


“Perfect. Right. Filter, filter, filter … OK, I can’t choose. Hudson will do.”


“Caption? Just woke up #selfie #nofilter #smile #me #girl #ilovehashtags #hashtagsloveme … POST! Can’t wait to see who likes it!


10 minutes later …
“No likes? OK, whatever, people probably haven’t seen it yet.”


15 minutes later …
“Still nothing?!”


20 minutes later
“OK, I just took notes for five minutes. Someone must have liked it by now. “


25 minutes later …
“Someone liked it!”


“I got another one! Ah, I love Instagram.”


1 hour later …
“Is that it? No one else is going to acknowledge my cuteness today? Urgh, I hate Instagram.”


Image sources: Jason A. Howie under Creative Commons, gif-database, bicostalbitchlostintwilighttown and fuckyeahclaymore

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