Hip-hop group with death grip on unpredictability releases LP

Third Worlds/Courtesy

Death Grips is definitely known for its unpredictability. In fact, the Sacramento-based experimental hip-hop group has become pretty predictable in this respect. After releasing its debut mixtape that meshed aspects of hard-core music with a particularly industrial branch of experimental rap, the trio gathered a pretty huge fan base — which was mostly impressive considering its style, labeled by some critics as “intentionally difficult to enjoy.” Other notable shenanigans ranged from using a dick pic as album art to skipping its own show after a fan’s suicide.

And that more or less brings us to Wednesday evening, when, in keeping with its reputation for the unexpected, the band posted its newest album without warning for free. Government Plates is the group’s third official LP and the first on its new Thirdworlds label, a sub-subsidiary of Virgin Records. Death Grips has quite a bit of fun with song titles here, bypassing punctuation for the most part (see the emo-length song title “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat”).

Musically, this album has more instrumental tracks than Death Grips’ past albums, but producer and synth-torturer Flatlander’s instrumentals go pretty hard all the same. Fans of the bath-salts-fueled vocals of MC Ride can expect their welcome caterwauling return as well. The entire album can be streamed and downloaded from Death Grips’ SoundCloud page, and the music videos put together for all 11 tracks can be found on the band’s YouTube channel.