What not to do when running late for class

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Being fashionably late is not always a good thing.We all have those days when alarm clocks have no effect, and we hit the snooze button so many times it almost breaks. But if you find yourself running late to class, don’t make it worse for yourself — avoid doing these five things.

1. Do not walk in with coffee.


Unless you plan on treating your professor to a nice cup of joe as well, don’t walk in 15 minutes late, venti vanilla latte in hand. It just solidifies the fact that you prioritize coffee beans over your class. Discretion is key.

2. Do not walk all the way to the other side of the classroom to get a seat.

Move bitch get out the way

Everyone else is already situated. Don’t expect everyone to play musical chairs just because you arrived. Find the closest seat to you and sit down. It probably is in the front, and yes — everyone will see you stalking on Facebook throughout the lecture.

3. Do not talk to your friends as soon as you come in.


You stumbling in halfway through lecture already causes enough of a distraction. Don’t take it one step further by talking your friend’s ear off immediately after sitting down. People want to listen to the professor, not your life story.

4. Do not ask the professor a stupid question just to seem interested.


People say there are no stupid questions. They’re lying. There are. Don’t draw more attention to yourself by asking a simple question to overcompensate for your tardiness. It’s true that asking questions shows interest, but asking pointless questions doesn’t make up for you being late.

5. Do not complain about the class as soon as you sit down.


If you’re going to come to a class and then spend the rest of the lecture complaining about it, maybe you should consider skipping it altogether.

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