Discoveries at the Ferry Building Marketplace

Annie Chang/Staff
Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building Marketplace

Every time you visit the piers in San Francisco, visit these shops in the Ferry Building Marketplace to enjoy a full meal and a few delicious additions to take home.

Drinks: Blue Bottle Coffee Company
The famous pour-over coffee and caramelized Belgian waffles from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday (8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays) are must-trys. The shop also carries some treats from the company’s Oakland location and freshly dropped-off beans five days a week.

Food: Cowgirl Creamery
This award-winning creamery has two components. One is a full-service European-style cheese shop with organic cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery and distinguished cheesemakers from the United States and Europe. The creamery also has a cheese-and-dairy-centered eatery with breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks from its milk bar. The milk bar features drinks such as raspberry and strawberry milk as well as San Francisco egg cream made with local Recchiuti chocolate and Straus organic milk. The owners, Peggy Smith, who worked at Chez Panisse for seventeen years, and Sue Conley, former owner of Bette’s Oceanview Diner, first opened a creamery in Point Reyes and sold cheese for more than seven years before opening a shop in the marketplace. Their business is becoming increasingly successful — not to mention delicious.

Dessert: Miette
Miette startedat the Berkeley Farmers’ Market in 2001 and now has four shops in Northern California. This one in particular sells cakes, cookies, macarons, tarts and cupcakes. This charming pink shop also sells other items, such as cake stands and vintage dessertware. The company strives to use organic ingredients from local family-owned farms and mills whenever possible. Miette’s gingerbread cupcake boasts the Food Network title of “Best Cupcake in America,” so this shop is definitely worth a stop.

Take Home: Acme Bread
In 1980, Alice Waters asked Steve and Suzie Sullivan to bake bread at Chez Panisse, and three years later, the legendary shop was opened. The all-organic bread company serves bread to many restaurants in the Bay Area, including Chez Panisse, and has since increased its selection from four different kinds of bread to many more, including cinnamon currant bread and cranberry walnut bread. This location of Acme Bread is one of two in the Bay Area that carry the full selection of breads and pastries. They are so popular that all four bakeries produce 24 hours a day to keep up with demand and standards of quality and freshness.

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