Things freshmen are worrying about but shouldn't be (yet)

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NOVEMBER 20, 2013

A year ago, many of you were working on your UC Berkeley application. Maybe you had just started or maybe — more likely — UC Berkeley was just another name on your list of colleges to apply to. And now, once again, you find yourself worrying about the future, unsure of what will come or how things will turn out. As you leave your new friends for Thanksgiving and winter break, we understand that you can be stuck between two worlds. But don’t stress out about the future — you still have the rest of the semester and the next three-and-a-half years to figure everything out. So what is it you’re stressing about?!

1. The freshman 15

Buffet-style eating in the dining halls has done you dirty. Crossroads pizza at dinner every day and Clark Kerr tater tots at brunch might have seemed like a good idea at the time. Now you realize all this food is catching up with you. But you’re walking so far every day to and from class; if you can cut down on your trips to Late Night, you’ll probably be just fine.

2. How much (and by that, we mean how little) money you have left

Maybe you decided to splurge on a few meals or add some variety to your wardrobe. Well, we’re sure you’ve found out that everything fun costs money. So it’s a good thing you have another semester to save for.

3. Finals

Your last round of midterms either just ended or is still going on (talking about you, Chem). Don’t even trip. Remember, you have all of dead week to study (or procrastinate).

4. What you’re doing this summer

You’re having so much fun here this year that you don’t even know whether you want to go home for the summer. What will you do? You could take summer classes. You could stay at the beach. You could try to make some money at a summer camp or a retail job. You could get an internship in the city. It’s all up to you.

 5. Where you’ll be living next year

It’s OK. You have plenty of time to decide whether you want to rent an apartment with your floormates, move in to your sorority or fraternity house or maybe even try living in a co-op.

6. Whether your freshman year friendships will last

If you’re not living with all your friends — seeing them in the halls, the lounge or the bathroom every day — will you see them? Will they make new friends? Will you? Don’t worry. If you can still find time for them, the bond of friendship will overcome.

7. What you really want to major in

That prerequisite course you’re taking is way harder than you thought it would be. You might have excelled at math in high school, but now you’re barely hitting the class average. That’s because it’s UC Berkeley. Everyone’s good at everything. You’ll figure it out.

8. What you really want your career to be

And you might have wanted to be an architect since you were little, but if you’re barely passing your classes, you’re not sure whether it’s what you’re meant to do. You’re not meant to do anything yet; you’re a freshman. It’s OK.

9. Whether you’ll need to go to grad school

If you’re not even sure about your major, why are you worrying about grad school?! Calm down. Really, you don’t need to think about this yet.

10. What you’re doing with your life

Believe us, nobody has any idea — we ask ourselves this every day. The good thing is, you still have the rest of your long life to decide.


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NOVEMBER 19, 2013

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