Don’t eat in class and 9 other things you shouldn’t do when your professor is talking

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At this point in the semester, we feel like there is an expectation that students should know how to behave in class. And yet, we have noticed an influx of faux pas and simply inexcusable behavior! Whether you call it classroom etiquette or basic manners, there are some things you just shouldn’t do when your professor is talking.

1) Eat loud chips…

2) Or smelly foods…


3) Especially fish … (we’re looking at you, GBC tuna fish sandwiches)


4. Or really any food 

There’s a difference between eating a small snack in class to keep you awake or to keep your hunger at bay and busting out your whole lunch. Not only is it rude to do in front of your professor; it’s also rude for the people around you who are trying to  listen. You could eat on your way to class, or you can eat after. Let’s face it — waiting 40 more minutes won’t kill you.

5) Sleep

It seems like such an obvious thing, but people still do it. It is that much worse when you’re sitting in the front — we know you might have the best intentions, but you need to just be real with yourself if you’re the type who will fall asleep. We get that maybe you’re exhausted from studying all night for an exam (and nodding off unintentionally), but when your professor is talking, it’s just good manners to give your full attention. Would you want someone to fall asleep while you were talking?

6) Interrupt your professor with a question or comment (especially when your professor answered your question five minutes ago)

You can almost hear the collective sigh around the room when someone raises a hand and asks a question that was asked and answered five minutes ago. Avoid getting those slightly exasperated looks from your classmates and the professor, and try to pay attention so you can avoid looking like “that person.”

7) Talk while your professor is talking


Remember in middle school when your teachers would ask you to pay attention when you held “small conversations” with your friends during instruction time? Well, we’re not in middle school anymore. You can definitely hold off on talking about whatever you did over the weekend for an hour. 

8) Make it apparent that you’re doing everything but listening

Don’t make it so obvious that you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter while the professor is talking. You’re not transcribing your lecture on Facebook, so don’t be on it.

9) Don’t keep your screen brightness at 10 when you’re in a dimmed classroom. 


If your professor is playing a video or has just dimmed the lights for a slideshow, your screen doesn’t need to be on full brightness. It’s distracting for your professor and even more so for your classmates.

 10) Don’t move to the middle of the lecture hall once the professor starts talking. 


Why do people feel the need to move seats right when the professor starts lecture? It just makes no sense.

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