On Tour: Anya Kvitka, We Are Twin and Foxes

On Friday, the New Parish in Oakland was full of so many strong, soaring voices that it was enough to knock your head off.  San Jose singer Anya Kvitka opened up the night with her own eclectic mix of jazz, hip-hop, reggae and rock. Mixing it up with a variety of originals and covers, her band, the getDown, ripped up the stage with Kvitka’s voice booming into the mic. The live performance of her newest single “One Less” eschewed the electric distortion of her vocals, allowing her voice to come through the song in full force instead of being masked by a megaphonelike effect. A sultry cover of Tame Impala’s “Elephant”was thrown in as well, with originals such as “Gone Baby Gone” and “C’est La Vie” rounding out the set. Although the smoke machine could have been dialed back a bit, Kvitka’s performance got the crowd riled and ready for the rest of the night.

Brooklyn’s We Are Twin took the stage next, and although there were some mic difficulties for the first few songs, singer Gabi Christine didn’t let that stop her from singing strong. Christine and her band jammed and bounced around the stage, with bubbly, swaying tracks such as “Keep On Lovin’ You.” Even in slower-tempo tracks such as “Don’t Tell Your Parents,” Christine’s vocals shot through the crowd like a blues-infused bullet. Other tracks, such as “The Way We Touch,” had synth-heavy backings that complemented Christine’s vocals smoothly during the verses.

After the departure of We Are Twin, there was some delay before British singer Louisa Rose Allen — better known as Foxes — finally closed the night down with a set full of punchy pop melodies. Although the singer has only two songs — three including her vocals on Zedd’s song “Clarity” — officially out at the moment, Foxes introduced a slew of new songs before the crowd in her Bay Area debut. “Holding onto Heaven” and “Shaking Heads” were some of the newcomer songs, in addition to her singles “Youth” and “Beauty Queen.” Closing down the night with a softer but still vocally strong rendition of “Clarity,” Foxes brought down the house, leaving the crowd cheering late into the night.