Things Berkeley students should be thankful for

Yes — the holiday season is just around the corner, which means finals are creeping upon us as well. Just remember these nine things when you’re bawling your eyes out because you can’t remember the difference between a P orbital and an S orbital.

Going to UC Berkeley (and not being at Stanfurd)

1 Research institution

I think we can all agree that this one is a big blessing.

Not having orange and purple as our school colors (sorry, Clemson)


We don’t think navy blue and gold is a bad color combination at all!

Not being on the quarter system

Quarter system

Yes, we may get stuck with multiple midterms within a semester, but at least we have a whole semester to study for that final.

Not being oppressed and forced to use a certain bathroom based on your gender


We are the home of feminism and justice. Just think of all the hilarious memories this privilege has provided.

Not having to deal with snow days

Snow day

We may not have predictable weather, but at least we know what NOT to expect.

Having daily entertainment on Sproul, whether you want it or not


There literally never is an uneventful day on campus. Someone is always screaming about something on the steps of Sproul.

Being a part of the school Chris Pine went to

Chris Pine

I mean, have you seen that face? We get to be affiliated with that.

Being exposed to wildlife at no cost 


Forget paying to go to the zoo. Just walk by VLSB, and watch the squirrels in their natural Berkeley habitat.

Image Sources: John Morgan, Mike Burton, greenasian, Joe Shlabotnik, SparkFun Electronics, Andrew Ratto, 幽龍, Pete Birkinshaw, and John Martinez Pavliga under Creative Commons


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